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At the moment we are in the process of making a cost-benefit analysis for the domain name, you have just reached here. Under certain circumstances it is possible to acquire this domain name. Frankcom IT Service is not the owner of the domain in every case. The actual owner has acquired the domain a short time ago together with other high premium quality Internet domains and has consulted Frankcom IT Service to give assistance with the marketing and project realization. If the domain is not in the final projecting phase yet, it can be acquired.

As the total number of the acquired domains is very high and the cost-benefit analysis is still in progress there is no fixed price for the domain name currently. Please make us an offer yourself, if you are interested in buying this domain name. You can find concrete realized prices of sold domains here: &

After getting your price suggestion we will use objective criteria to verify together with the domain owner, if you can buy the domain name for your suggested price or not. We will inform you as soon as possible.

Finding a reasonable market price is most important for us and we do not have unrealistic high prices. We use domain appraisals from specialized companies and average prices of already sold similar domain names, if available. Also we combine the factors of CPC (cost per click), Type-Ins, Search Volume, length of domain name, language, importance and bids we have already got from other parties.

If your price suggestion is according nearly to the expectations of the domain owner, we can assist you with the whole process of buying the domain name.

Please notice that you have the possibility to buy a high premium domain for a market based price here. In the last years, e.g. .eu domains are getting more and more popular and with more than 3.7 million registered names they are in the leading field of domain extensions.

Please contact us - best way is by email to in GERMAN or ENGLISH, or use our form on! Thanks for your interest.

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